I Am Music

I Am Industries wish to deliver a sound that touches you when you listen, that lifts you up and makes you forget the negatives, but reminds you that you are great and you can always see the way through regardless. The first I Am Music project released 2020 will be Sky Richards’ Time to Fly album which has 10 songs that are guaranteed to take away your negative feelings and instill positivity and light.

The Time to Fly album comes not as a CD like most artist, but as an App. Go to Google store download Sky Richard App. This app created by I Am Music, will have 10 songs and 5 single videos, competitions, concerts and much more. The app will be a one-time price and be updated continually with new songs, videos and information.  You receive the 2nd album free as a subscriber to the app.  I Am Music wanted to be different in today’s mobile phone world.  We are on our mobile phones 80% of the time and always download music, so we created the app that delivers an entire album, at a great price, for your convenience.

The Artist Sky Richards, Founder of I Am Industries and the I Am Band, wanted to create an album that fuels you in every way and lifts you above the daily struggle. This is what he has done. Listen to some tracks on:  Learn More


We know what you want to hear and feel…

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