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Mr. Daniel / CEO


It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.


Our vision guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to continue achieving quality growth.

The power of who you are is never told, never explained, never defined. Your supposed to go out to the world with so-called facts related to everything else.

You learn how to communicate to promote who you are related to these so-called facts, you develop personality traits given from your parents, so what they believe becomes what you believe, regardless if its good or bad. You land in this jungle of Competition, Struggle, Games, Deceit, Love related pain, and so much more, and expected to battle through, and you finally come to the point, when you say to yourself that its either lucky days or unlucky days. I am was formed for the purpose of making sure you remember who you are, the powers you have and eliminate the effect of negativity in your life in a way never looked at before or even remembered.

You are made of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual parts, which of the 3 do you think is the most important? Many would say, well obviously its Mental, as this is the driving force behind intellect and decision making, to get through the hard times and the good times. With ought our brain we would not be able to function. This answer would be true in many ways and many would believe that it’s the most important, but you are wrong.

The most powerful of all the 3 is the Spirit. This is never advertised, Why??? Yes, we go to church thinking if we pray to GOD and read the bible this covers all we need on that level, and life is about prayers being answered or prayers not being answered. No one no company is motivating the spirit, the soul as you might know it as. This is the source of all your power, what is connected to the universal GOD power 24 hours 7 days a weeknight and day. If you think there is any other connection that is more powerful than this, then you have been blinded to the fact of who you are and the importance in Cleansing and motivating your spirit.

So, if this is the case why are we not taught this at school college work etc. The answer is simple. How can you control the masses if you show the masses who they truly are and their powers? I Am believing that all of us have the right to this information and should be reminded so they can live a life of their choosing and get through with what’s important to them. This is not only for the rich and famous that for some reason realized, no its for everyone, why because I Am believe that everyone is special.