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“I Am" - Two of the most powerful words ever used.


I Am community is a Spiritual Partnership.

There are many questionable entities in the “Spiritual Protection” business who tap your energy for their own gain. I Am products and guidance deliver benefits and services directly to its members and community without complex and on-going contracts or requirements. I Am products are guaranteed so that you can clear your mind of negative thoughts about our intentions and move forward in your journey to spiritual freedom.

I Am Industries develops a family of products.

I Am family of products strives to deliver wholesome and positive effects on its customers. Affirmations of such power they change your life in weeks. Sky Richards Music App gives you access to music that touches your spirit every time you hear it, lifting you up and eliminating negative feelings. I Am gives you focus on the most important and powerful part of you, your spirit. I Am motivates and ignites your spirit and reminds you how powerful you are and helps get you the life that you have always wished for.


"Order the Most Powerful Spiritual Protection ever Created, Money Back Guarantee"

I Am Band

You will be the first of many in the future that simply wish to belong to a company that focuses on releasing the power in all of us.
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The I Am Music

The power of music has lasted for hundreds of years from the simple flute to the amazing productions we hear today in many categories.
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The I am Drink

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Free I Am Book Download

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