I AM Music

The I am Music

The I am Music is no ordinary music album. The Artist Sky has taken over 4 years to produce 15 songs that are no other word but amazing . Mixing Commercial PoP with R+B Rock you have a sound that is very original and vibrant. Seeing as Sky Richards is the Founder And Ceo of I Am inc you can imagine what type of impact you will have once listening. Sky richards wanted to develop not just music to enjoy listening to with a cathy vibe that is consistant, but has created an album that once you listen to will lift you up no end and inspire your spirit. The positive effect of this Album Named “Time to Fly” is Amazing. Soon to be released worldwide by a major label for the commercial market Sky will be a household name very soon. All Skys songs will have a message and protray that message in all media via the videos and Press. He has no interest in being focused on as the Artist like many artist do today but wish for the listener to focus on the message and learn from this message .

Listen to the complete album go to www.skyrichardsmusic.com

Listen to the first 2 Singles for release to have an idea how great this music is . Follow Sky on Instagram Facebook and Twitter.

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Roller Coaster ride

When someone loves you dont take it for granted, and use that love in a negative way. True love is hard to find and we only realise this by the mistakes we make when we find it . Be true to the love that loves you

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Thats what the Budha Says

Life will have many twists and turns positive and negatives. Dont let the downside of life destroy the upside of your life. Remember it always will get better no matter what you go through. In other words “why worry about the journey when you know you will have a positive outcome

Pay $1.50 to Download