Free I AM book Download


The founder and CEO for I am Inc has given the opportunity for all to download the book “ LIFE". This book written by Sky richards explains everything from Spiritual intrsuin and why, the power you thought you never had, and how to release this power. This 200 page short book will educate you on who you are and why negatives happen to you and how to turn it all around to how you want it to be. Will educate you on who you really are and the powers you truly have . Will guide you on why people do what they do to others in a negative light and how to protect yourselve from haters. It will guide you how to get the best from your work, and to be facvored by your pears. This book is a bvery powerful book and anyone who reads it, will have a very clear understanding on themselves and whats really going on around us. Not what many want you to know but what you need to know to get passed the negatives and live a positive life

Sky Richards